And lemonade

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Aside from a lone cricket chirping, the night was silent.

Annabelle cleared her throat and sunk into her mother’s old rocking chair on the front porch. She hankered for a breeze to break the warm air that was thick with humidity.

“How about some fresh lemonade?” Lillian called from the kitchen as the cricket stopped chirping.

Lillian was Annabelle’s older sister. And apart from their mom’s insatiable sense of adventure, Lillian took after their mother the most with her wavy, long blonde hair and cheerful demeanor.

“Sure,” Annabelle said, “sounds nice.”

As silence fell again, the cricket resumed its chirping…

A subatomic search for love

Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

There’s a girl who lives down my street
That I’m hoping one day I will meet

She rides past every day at noon
While humming the same quirky little tune

Her black and white dress blows in the breeze
While her silken blonde hair is all that one sees

Because, to this day I’ve never seen her face
As she glides past with a blur of grace

But one day I plan to say ‘hello’
To let her know that I’m also in the know

That we are both obfuscated in anonymity
In a state of pure, unknown virginity


A short story

Photo by Awar Meman on Unsplash

A lone seagull wheeled its way to a sandy landing on the beach.

Grace Thompson, an emergency nurse, set foot on the strand’s entrance. She liked to end her nightshift with a long walk in the morning, weather permitting.

The seagull caught Grace’s attention. It was eyeing something that the tide had brought in overnight. She thought it was a small mammal like a seal or a dolphin calf. But, on approach, the creature had a human-like figure.

Grace’s heart jumped.

The sun peaked over the cityscape behind her, scattering a golden blanket with jagged silhouettes of buildings over the…

an intergalactic love poem

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

There once was a girl who sat on the steps
of my apartment building each and every

She never spoke to anyone as they passed by
but just smiled

Sometimes she would glance my way
and our eyes would

Like two stars headed for
an interstellar binary

Our gravitational waves would
pull one towards
the other

And then she would look away
and write in her thick, black

This went on for nearly a year and a half
until one day she was
no longer there

And all that was left was that
lonesome journal
on the…

Unleash the verse

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Poetry is all around us. There are poems in the songs we listen to, the words we read, and in nearly every aspect of our lives. And that’s the beauty of poetry because Life is poetry.

I started writing poems around the time I first learned to read. Back then, my poems were mainly comprised of simple rhyming verses. But, those verses set me on a journey of learning to play with words, to be more mindful, and to think about life more deeply.

I started by writing about the things that were important to me, like my family, my…

A poem

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

There are three things that I have learned
The first is never to spend any money I haven’t earned

Buying something with money I haven’t got
Would put me in a financially tight spot

And the second lesson to follow the first
Is to drink enough water to quench my thirst

Water is by far the best
And it’s so natural and easy to digest

The third lesson that I can impart
Is to be compassionate and to have a heart

We all come from different walks of life
And we never know who we meet is facing strife


Alex Godley

I’m a bard who likes to play with words and create new worlds. I also like chocolate. And cake.

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