an intergalactic love poem

There once was a girl who sat on the steps
of my apartment building each and every

She never spoke to anyone as they passed by
but just smiled

Sometimes she would glance my way
and our eyes would

Like two stars headed for
an interstellar binary

Our gravitational waves would
pull one towards
the other

And then she would look away
and write in her thick, black

This went on for nearly a year and a half
until one day she was
no longer there

And all that was left was that lonesome journal…


We all have a story
to tell
We all have something
to share

No two people’s experiences
are alike
This is what makes each of us
so unique

Our personalities also differ from
one another
Which is instrumental in forming
our identity

Some of us are happy and outgoing all
the time
Some of us are more inward-looking
and contemplative

Some of us like to live life on
the edge
Some of us prefer to play
it safe

Some of us like to blend into
the crowd
And some of us are just
plain quirky

This is why we should…

A short story

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Unleash the verse

Poetry is all around us. There are poems in the songs we listen to, the words we read, and in nearly every aspect of our lives. And that’s the beauty of poetry, because Life is poetry.

I started writing poems around the time I first learned to read. Back then, my poems were mainly comprised of simple rhyming verses. But, those verses set me on a journey of learning to play with words, to be more mindful, and to think about life more deeply.

I started by writing about the things that were important to me, like my family, my…

a poem of canine proportions

Alex Godley

Writer, editor, game developer and photographer based in Australia. I enjoy thinking about all things psychology, science, literature, nature and tech.

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