You have to believe me

Driving across the Nullarbor Plain
We saw something that boggled my brain

It was about 3:00AM on a Saturday morning
When a big bright light appeared without any warning

It approached the car with such tremendous speed
That my wife, Jen, woke up and quickly took heed

Then the car stopped dead in its tracks
As I refrained from soiling my dacks

And as the large orb hovered directly in front of us
I realised it was the size of a double-decker bus

It was suspended there without emanating a single sound
Before our car started to leave the ground

an intergalactic love poem

There once was a girl who sat on the steps
of my apartment building each and every

She never spoke to anyone as they passed by
but just smiled

Sometimes she would glance my way
and our eyes would

Like two stars headed for
an interstellar binary

Our gravitational waves would
pull one towards
the other

And then she would look away
and write in her thick, black

This went on for nearly a year and a half
until one day she was
no longer there

And all that was left was that
lonesome journal
on the…

A short story

When I told my wife that I was seeing other people, she wasn’t as surprised as I thought she’d be.

I’m a quiet person by nature and like to spend my spare time reading, tinkering around the house and pondering over the things that interest me. Margaret, on the other hand, is far more outgoing. She is the first one to greet people and make friends while I usually stand back and let her do the talking. Margaret says that I live inside my head too much, but that suits me just fine because I’d rather it that way. She…

Unleash the verse

Poetry is all around us. There are poems in the songs we listen to, the words we read, and in nearly every aspect of our lives. And that’s the beauty of poetry because Life is poetry.

I started writing poems around the time I first learned to read. Back then, my poems were mainly comprised of simple rhyming verses. But, those verses set me on a journey of learning to play with words, to be more mindful, and to think about life more deeply.

I started by writing about the things that were important to me, like my family, my…

A protest of poetic proportions

It’s not easy being a battery you know
Everyone expects the power to just constantly flow

They always need me to power up their device
But sometimes a “thank you” would be nice

Which has never happened in all of my time
And I’m not just saying that because it fits this rhyme

Sometimes I merely need a break
Because being “on” all the time simply takes the cake

I’d like to take a nice, long, well-deserved vacation
Where no one knows me and my language needs translation

Somewhere where they don’t need any electricity
And life is lived in absolute…

They go together

Apples and pears
are like
circles and squares

The former are fruit
while the latter are
simply geometric shapes

Birds and chairs
are like
foxes and hares

The former can fly
while the latter
dwell on the ground

Cats and dogs
are like
sneakers and clogs

The former are friends
while the latter
you wear on your stinky feet

Seagulls and chips
are like
kisses and lips

The former are free to associate
while the latter
you wouldn’t have any other way

Vinegar and salt
are like
milk and malt

The former are quite flavoursome
while the latter
you dunk with big…

You’re welcome

Like the simplicity of uncolored birds
I’m a man of very few words

So, without further ado
I will bestow unto you

My secret of insulting with style
That will keep them guessing while making you smile

Step one,
Yes, stay with me, it has begun,

You look your adversary in the eye,
And tell them their head is full of sky

Then, in step two,
You give them another clue

And tell them that their future is as bright
As the egret in full flight

That you can see as you peer
Right through their hairy left-side ear


A fixer-upper

We landed on Mars in 2042
I was among the first of the twelve-person crew

As expected, the terrain was unforgiving and appropriately red
And in the vast distance was the cosy blue planet that we had fled—

Because of raging resource wars and climate change
Along with mass extinction events of unprecedented range

So, all efforts were put into inhabiting Mars
And preparations were made to head to the stars

The first step was to send robots to build the initial biosphere
Because the red planet had no breathable atmosphere

And then the next step was to send the…

Two for me

The train doors opened.

An aroma of deep-fried dough and refined sugar permeated through the subway.

And then, I was hit by the seductive smell of freshly percolated coffee.

“Amy! Did you hear what I just said?” asked Zooey, nudging me with her elbow.

“Uh, sorry, what?” I replied.

“I said we better hurry, we’ll be late for that meeting.”

But then I stopped dead still in the sea of people making their way to the escalator. The crowd separated, enveloping me like a rock in a fast-moving stream.

Zooey tried to swim her way back to me, but the…

Alex Godley

I like to play with words and create new worlds. I also like chocolate. And cake.

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